Home tower system i5-10400 8GB 480GB SSD Windows 10 / 11 Home


Intel i5 10400 Six Core, 2.9GHz
Ram 8 Gb
Gigabyte H510M-S2H
Dvd Internal drive optional ( See options )
Wireless network card optional ( See options )
Case & Psu
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
Microsoft Windows 10 / 11  Home

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Quality built, fully upgradable, Home / Office tower computer system this custom built pc can be tailored to YOUR exact specification.

The specification above would more than satisfy most home users requirements, and in the future should you need to expand this system its possible, using only quality components from Intel and other leading manufacturers,  we in house tailor this to your needs . The 8gb ram is expandable and in the future you can  also fit a 2nd SSD or HDD drive,  options include a wireless card  ( this is required if you cannot connect the Tower to the router by a cable )  other options are available. Choice of Windows 10 / 11 Home


Expansion Bays
External Bays:2 x 5.25″ External
1 x 3.5″ External
Internal Bays:2 x 3.5″ Internal
1 x 2.5″ Internal
Drive Bay Notes:-
Expansion Slots:4 x Full Size

173mm x 365mm x 393mm (W x H x D)

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