Network & Wireless

Broadband, Networking, Wireless and Telephone Solutions

Whatever your network requirements we are able to provide recommendations and solutions. Whether it's a totally new system or troubleshooting, expanding, improving or repairing an existing system...we've got it covered.


Need help in setting up your broadband? Need a new broadband setup for your office? Having trouble with your current setup? Then you need to get in touch with us.

As dealers for professional routers and equipment from Draytec, Netgear, Cisco and D-Link...our technicians have access to technology which is widely used and proven to be effective.  Coupled with their extensive training and years of experience, they are ideally placed to make sure that you get something that not only works, but works efficiently.

Wireless Solutions

Do you require the wireless range of your network extended?  Do you have rooms in your home/office that don’t have coverage?  Do you have external on-site locations that don’t have a connection?

These are just some of the scenarios that we assist with every day. People expect wireless nearly everywhere they go these days and not just in homes and offices.  Providing such a service can make all the difference to a guest or client when choosing where to stay, eat, drink or hang out.  Whether you're an hotel/guest house, a cafe/coffee shop, pub, sports/leisure venue or provide meeting/conference facilities...having wireless should be key to your business strategy. We have systems to fit everyones requirements and would be glad to assist, all you need to do is get in touch.

Please view our videos for a demo of some wireless products.


Office Networks

Whether it's a small 2 computer setup or a multi branch network, we can recommend, supply and sinstall a solution to meet your exacting requirements.

We currently assist many companies in the north of Scotland, everyone from small office’s to large international companies with multi branch requirements.

Whatever you're looking for, be it hardware sales, fault finding, system optimisation or expansion please feel free to give in touch.